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Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Just Askin'

The Bishops of Fort Worth and Dallas have written a joint letter on the duties of faithful citizens that is simply superb. I've never seen the teaching on how a Catholic is required to vote laid out more clearly.

That having been said, one sentence stood out: "To vote for a candidate who supports the intrinsic evil of abortion or 'abortion rights' when there is a morally acceptable alternative would be to cooperate in the evil - and, therefore, morally impermissible."

Now, it is commonly accepted that abortion is the ultimate form of child abuse.

According to the USCCB guidelines, anyone who participates in child abuse is to be immediately removed from ministry.

Consequently, it would seem that anyone who votes for Barack Obama would be subject to immediate dismissal from whatever parish or diocesan position they hold, for they would, by their vote, be cooperating in the worst form of child molestation.

I only hope that all of the bishops who have taught so well on the issue of voting and abortion not only teach, but also link their words and their actions, immediately dismissing every parish or diocesan employee who participates in child molestation via their vote.

Now, you may argue that no one knows how anyone will vote.
I agree.

But if we made the question a condition of employment - as we already do make similar unverifiable questions ("Do you attend Mass regularly? Are you actively practicing the Faith?") and similar intensely private questions ("Have you ever been accused of child molestation? When you supply references, we will also ask them if they have any knowledge of your predilictions towards children.") conditions for employment - we will necessarily change the culture at the parish.

It doesn't matter if people lie to get hired. They will know they had better not promote their child molestation agenda (i.e., abortion rights politics) or they will be subject to immediate dismissal. Indeed, parishes that implemented the policy of asking candidates:
  1. if they were aware of Church teaching on voting and,
  2. who they voted for in the last presidential election
would undoubtedly find that the pool of unsavoury candidates has dried up, as people realize that heretical Catholics really aren't welcome.

There is no law that says you have to hire people who support the Party of Death.

Now, you may further argue that voting is a personal issue that the Church has no right to interfere in.
If you were to raise this argument, I would merely point out that you are wrong.

The Church has the right to teach on faith and morals.
She teaches us how to avoid sin.
The bishop is responsible for that teaching.
Thus, the bishop has a responsibility to tell us how to avoid sin when we vote.
If we refuse to follow his teaching, then we have ignored a teaching on faith and morals.

The state has no right to tell us how to live our religious life.
The Church, on the other hand, has EVERY right to tell us how to live our religious values in the public square and in our political activities.
That's the whole reason She exists, for heaven's sake.

So, yes, the Church has the right and the duty to tell us how to vote.

She did it for the Catholics in Nazi Germany when She warned the faithful about Hitler and his party of death through the promulgation of Mit Brennende Sorge.

In 2007, She told the Catholics of Portugal they would be excommunicate if they voted in favor of abortion in a national referendum

She can certainly tell us how to vote.
Who can disagree?


Ann said...

Since voting for a candidate who supports abortion rights means that the voter is cooperating in the evil, it seems to me that the politician who votes for the pro-abortion legislation is even more so cooperating in the evil. That having been said, why is the following even a discussion point for the USCCB:

Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, revealed in an interview with John Allen on Monday that the US bishops will discuss in November whether voting for pro-abortion legislation entails automatic excommunication. ‘I think there are several issues’ to be discussed, Bishop Kicanas said. ‘One is, what is the level of cooperation involved in a legislator voting for legislation that encourages, or allows, intrinsically evil acts? Is that formal cooperation, or isn’t it? That’s a critical question, because if it is formal cooperation, then serious consequences flow from it.’ When Allen asked, ‘You mean automatic excommunication?’ Bishop Kicanas answered, ‘Right. That’s one question that has not been answered.’ Bishop Kicanas made clear there was no consensus in the conference about that issue or about the related issue of withholding Holy Communion from pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

It seems to me that the penalty should be much harsher for the politician who actually makes such laws than the voter. Both are wrong, but which one has the greater guilt? If the USCCB is willing to tell voters they are guilty of grave sin for voting for the politician, they should at least have the backbone to say as much to the politician and excommunicate them publicly. Just my $.02.

Jordanes said...

Since the U.S. government is apparently on the verge of being taken over by the Party of Death, who will obliterate Catholic health care the first chance they get (and "Catholic" politicians will be gleefully helping them), the bishops will need to be issuing a lot of excommunications in the next few months and years. They have been forbearing and "pastoral" for too long, and all it did was help to bring us to this pass. It's past time for them to start using their shepherd's crooks to smack those ravening wolves at our throats.

People Power Granny said...

In my post tonight I bare my thoughts regarding abortion, and why I changed my mind about it. It seems to be a constant issue out there that will never have a solution acceptable to all. I invite you to vote in my poll at

Jordanes said...

I'll pray for your repentance.

Ann said...

peoplepowergranny - I read your post and I voted in your poll. I think your argument is flawed. The Catholic Church is led and ruled by Jesus Christ. It is His law that says abortion is murder, not man's law. Yes, the sex abuse scandal in the Church was horrible, but over 43,000,000 dead babies is a holocaust.