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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pavone's Road

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

One has to wonder what Fr. Pavone's road is paved with.

A reader has brought to my attention several curious aspects of Fr. Pavone's "pro-life" work.

Exhibit 1:
Father Pavone's curious support for John McCain.

Does anyone remember how Fr. Pavone worked hard for John McCain's election, despite the fact that American Right To Life lamented McCain's serious pro-abortion bent?

Pro-abortion Republicans enthusiastically supported John McCain's presidential run.
So did Father Pavone.

Now, one may argue that McCain was not as reliably evil as Barack Obama - and that's a fair argument.
Personally, I wasn't able to stomach the thought of voting for McCain until August 2008, about the time Obama started favorably comparing himself to God and John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

But Pavone was pushing for McCain way back in February 2008, when there were a lot more, a lot better choices than that particular man.


Exhibits 2, 3, 4

If you look at Schedule B on the following three Life Dynamics donation forms, you'll see that Priests For Life gave a total of $143, 410 to Life Dynamics over at least those three years. Possibly more was given in earlier years.

2007: $39,091
2008: $58,319
2009: $46,000
Total: $143,410

Life Dynamics has now produced a Youtube video in which Mark Crutcher, the non-Catholic founder of Life Dynamics, attacks a Catholic bishop. 

Why is Father Pavone not publicly pointing out to Mr. Crutcher that his  (Crutcher's) attacks on a Catholic bishop are not welcome? 

Life Dynamics
Certainly Life Dynamics, although not a Catholic organization, has done excellent work in exposing the abortion industry. For instance, Life Dynamics was the first to publish tapes of phone calls between abortion providers and women pretending to be "underage."  They did this 'way back in the 1990s. Indeed, Lila Rose's recent work in this area simply emulated, extended and perfected Life Dynamics idea with Youtube video stings. 

In the same way, Crutcher's Lime 5 book was original and unprecedented in its revelations concerning Planned Parenthood's attempts to silence its victims. 

But if donors wished to give money to Life Dynamics (which is also a 501(3)(c)), why wouldn't they do so directly?

To put it another way, how many Catholic donors realized that the money they gave to Priests for Life was actually being sent directly to some other organization? 

Perhaps all the donors whose money was siphoned off like this are fine with it.

Or, perhaps, these donors expected the money they gave to Priests for Life to be used to support the pro-life work of ... oh, I don't know.... Catholic priests maybe....????

Like the money that was supposed to go to creating Father Pavone's seminary (but didn't) or the money donated to help Father Pavone found a religious order (but didn't), here's more money that ended up going to something the donors probably never even knew about. 

How much money got thrown around like this?
Why does every story we hear about Father Pavone and his friends merely seem to confirm the perception that this man is not very responsible?


If you pay Fr. Pavone enough, he won't be frightened.
But you have to pay him.
Right now.

October 11, 2011
Dear Steve
...My only real fear right now is what might be going through your mind at this time regarding me and Priests for Life.  That’s because of all the misinformation and outright attacks on me and Priests for Life that are taking place right now.
All I can tell you is that just about everything you’re reading or hearing is false.  All of it. 
Of course, you can dispel my fear that you might be taken in by these false accusations by clicking here and making as large a contribution to Priests for Life as you can … whether it be for $15, $150 or $15,000.
Remember - you aren't really a committed pro-life person if you don't give Fr. Pavone money.
Right now.
Which is why I am counting on you to click here and show the depth of your commitment to our fight to end legalized abortion-on-demand in America.
Remember, he's being persecuted.
Don't send antibiotics or bandages.
Send him money.
That will soothe his grievous injuries.
Small bills, unmarked.

It is especially important that you do as Bishop Gries asks because there are people who call themselves “Catholic” who want to destroy Priests for Life.  They are part of what Pope Paul VI alluded to in 1972 when he said that “the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.” 
In reality these self-proclaimed “Catholics” are heralds of the culture of death.  And their strategy right now is to put out a constant drumbeat of lies and false accusations against Priests for Life in the hope that unsuspecting people will begin to believe them and stop supporting Priests for Life. 
But there’s a critical flaw in their plan:

That’s because, through your prayers and financial contributions, you are the one who dictates the amount of work Priests for Life can do to end abortion

Now, he CERTAINLY can't be calling his own bishop SATAN, right?
There's only one way to find out:
Click here and continue to support Priests for Life as faithfully and as generously as you always have … both spiritually with your prayers and financially with your dollars.  It is critically important that you do.


Kevin said...

I don't know whether or not Fr. Pavone is guilty of any serious crime. I still presume innocence.

Yet I think it's become pretty clear that, at least, there are some serious questions about due diligence when it comes to the finances of Priests for Life, and all the more reason his Bishop made this judgement call.

scotju said...

When I first heard of Fr Pavone's troubles, I believed, like many others,that he was being "set up" by his enemies. However, the new evidence you provided shows there's reasonable doubt about Pavone's handling of PFL's finances. Where did all that money he raised for the failed religious order and the seminary go to? Someone needs to put a bloodhound on Pavone's money trail pronto!

Dad29 said...

All to show that there IS such a thing as seeing the trees, but missing the forest altogether, eh?


Lili said...

Got yet another fundraising letter today! Show's an amazing lack of comprehension on Fr Frank's part. That he is out of control seems obvious to me. "Poor poor pitiful me. Please send more money!"

Aquinas3000 said...

Hi Steve,

So sorry to bring this up here but I could find no way to email you on your blog.(perhaps I overlooked something obvious). I am reading your book Designed to Fail and wanted to correct a statement. You said the Carthusians are the only order that never went corrupt. There is another one: the Pauline fathers. They have continually been persecuted down the ages so never had time to do so! My brother recently joined them and is in training in Poland. Sorry again.

Nilk said...

Steve, Father Pavone is still asking for donations on his fb page, the latest one 2 hours ago by my current time (7.50am). It seems to be a regular occurrence on his page.

A fb friend of mine who is a devout Catholic lad (although he's a bit of a conspiracy theorist) has also put out a request to email Bishop Zurek on behalf of Abby Johnson.

I'm really starting to resent all of this propaganda. He may be 'a good and godly man' to quote a post on facebook, but this endless bleating from the sheep is dragging us all down.

If he'd just shut up and let the Bishop do what he had to do, this could have been settled months ago. Instead, it's dragging on and on and brings the Church down to a grubby level.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Yeah, he posts so many appeals for money that I just got tired of trying to keep up.