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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why Not?

Over in the UK, Damien Thompson has discovered what no Catholic reporter over here noticed: Marco Rubio is no longer a practicing Catholic.

Though raised an Hispanic Catholic, he apparently stopped practicing about six years ago and now goes to some evangelical ecclesial community in Florida, which sees more of his money than any Catholic bishop ever did.

Now, here's my question.
On what grounds does any priest or bishop deny this man the Eucharist?

After all, our bleeding heart liberal priest/bishop friends are insistent that the communion rail is not the place for political fights.

They insist that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi should receive.
So why not Marco?

I mean, sure, Marco hasn't been to Mass in a few years, but Joe and Nancy haven't been to a valid confession in decades (you have to be truly sorry for your sins for the absolution to be valid), and that doesn't seem to bother anyone.

Sure, Marco no longer believes in the Real Presence.
That's different from the majority of Catholics... how?

Marco is closer to Catholic teaching in his opposition to abortion, his support for subsidiarity and his understanding of government than any Catholic-schooled freak politician we've had since... well... since.... ok, help me out here...

So, honestly, what separates this man from reception of the Eucharist, according to our bishops?

I would truly like to know.

Some people are upset that Rubio gave tens of thousands to a Protestant church.



How is he different from the US Bishops CCHD, which gives millions to frankly anti-Catholic organizations? One could easily argue that Rubio's donations are much MORE Catholic than the USCCB's donations.


Patrick Button said...

Crap. This ruins my whole day.

o said...

Nothing. He should use that great God-given brain of his and go to confession and then receive Holy Communion, like the others ought.

So the point is - another generation of well-schooled Catholics doesn't know his faith.

I'd rather the selfless bishops focus their limited energies on catechizing the nextgeneration that counseling these lost ones any more - they're old enough to get a book or even a pamphlet for Pete's sake and their own.

This aint rocket science, it only seems so to the wink-n-nod crowd.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Funny, but I thought Jesus came to save the lost sheep, not just the salvageable ones.

And what do you do when the bishops are the lost sheep?

The Church is quite clear on this point - it is NOT POSSIBLE to save "the next generation" unless the adults in THIS generation are saved.

Catechizing children is a complete waste of time unless the adults are first catechized. That's in JP II's "Catechesi Tradendae". Read it.

Or, if you want a more complete discussion of the problem, read Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America