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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jenkins, Fool for Obama

Some people didn't like the fact that I'm making fun of the Notre Dame situation.
This is my response.

XXXX, I understand your outrage, but consider the reality.

Fr. Jenkins invited Obama in order to hook up with power and prestige.

If he rescinds the invitation now...
not only will he humiliate himself,
not only will he humiliate Barack Obama,
but he will guarantee he never gets another powerful person speaking at his commencements again.

No one will risk the humiliating possibility of having THEIR invitation rescinded as well.

As for Barack, the man has no reason to gracefully cancel.
He's got the Catholic Church right where he wants it.
Even if Fr. Jenkins quietly asked Obama to back out, Obama is not going to do it.

If Jenkins doesn't rescind the invitation, Obama wins because he has publicly put ND in his corner.

If Jenkins rescinds, then Obama can paint Catholics as narrow-minded fools, and he wins again, because most adult Catholics will reject the title and hew all that more closely to Obama just to PROVE that they are not one of those reactionary, rigid orthodox Catholics.

The only way Jenkins is going to rescind that invitation is to have his direct superior
require him to do it under pain of obedience.

His superior doesn't have the guts.

Obama is going to speak and that can't be stopped.

So all that is left is to make Jenkins look like a fool.
That's why I posted today's "news story."


Coveman6 said...

agree. Power mongers and those who have built false idols today will never back out of a sin gracefully. It takes real courage to stand up for God and his Word.

I have not seen that courage from any but the grass roots Catholics. We like the Israelites are wondering in the desert and when we can stand up to the pagans we will survive.

The weak Catholics who idolize their money put Obama into office, ND has long been on the slip slide away from true Catholicism. Put those two facts together and you have the inevitable. God Bless us all.

Michael Demma

Patrick said...

Several television interviews with other Catholic university presidents have shown that they would not hesitate to invite any politician with any view on abortion because of the prestige that it brings and in order for the universities to "stay relevant in today's society". I've read several stories about Vatican officials who are questioning the value of Catholic facilities for education and medicine. This is just another nail in the Catholic university coffin. I truly hope that the bishops stick to their convictions and follow through on their promise to close all Catholic hospitals if Obama gets his way to require all Catholic universities to perform abortions. If society wants the Catholics to adhere to societal evil, it's time for Catholic-backed facilities to step back a little and strengthen their convictions for awhile, because this article shows how in disarray it really is.

Patrick said...

Sorry, I meant requiring all Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. As was pointed out in one interview, I believe most Catholic universities already offer abortifacient medication in campus medical facilities.