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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Family Man

Barack Obama Cares About the Common Man.
How do we know?

Look at how well he treats his beloved half-brother, the cute round-headed kid!

Look at how well he treats his beloved aunt, the incredible dancer!

Look at how well he treats his beloved grandmother!

If he treats his family this well, how much better can we - who are not family - expect from him?

Clearly, he CARES!
Even though his lower lip doesn't quiver, a la William Jefferson Clinton, make no mistake.
Barack Obama CARES.
Yes, he can!


Patrick said...

Considering how often he shows up in the Senate and decides not to vote anything but "Present" on controversial issues, maybe he does care?

Dem said...

Based on the policies he is putting forward, he definitely cares.

Jordanes said...

Well, St. Paul said that Christians who don't take care of their own families have denied the faith and are worse than unbelievers. Obama says he's a Christian.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Yes, I especially like that policy of accepting criminal fraud in his campaign donations.

I'm sure he'll stop using criminal methods to accomplish his goals just as soon as he takes the oath of office.

Chicago politicians are quite reliable that way.

Dem said...

Steve, do you speak with the same level of arrogant certainty in which you write? If so, you must be a joy to be around...

cough cough...

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Dem, I run a small business -

I know how credit card transactions work because that's how I've fed my family for close to the last ten years.

When a credit card account is set up, all security options are set ON.

Credit card companies are absolute HELL on chargebacks - they'll shut down your business if you have too many, which is why no one in his right mind turns off the security.

The only reason to turn off AVS match and the other security aspects of credit card processing is that you plan on accepting payment from stolen credit cards or you want to do fraudulent transactions. And you have to physically go in and turn off all the fail-safes in order to make that happen.

It's GREAT for money-laundering and avoiding campaign finance laws, but that's the only reason anyone would turn that stuff off.

Dem said...


How do you know he turned off AVS match and the other security aspects of credit card processing?


Steve Kellmeyer said...

When AVS is turned on and a business processes a credit card transaction, three things have to match - the street number of the billing address, the zip code and the credit card number.

If any one of those three numbers doesn't match what's in the database, the transaction is rejected. You can mis-spell (and sometimes even omit) the cardholder name, the name of the street and the name of the city or state, but you can't mis-enter those three numbers or it immediately gets kicked back as "unable to credit." has documented numerous instances of completely fabricated data in every respect. The only valid number was the credit card number, but despite the invalid zip code (99999 or 00000) and the invalid street address the card still got charged.

There's no way to do that unless you physically go into your business credit card account, work through multiple screens and turn off EVERY security check.

Worse, because the only valid data was the credit card number, and because many of these credits were made with throw-away rechargeable cards you can pick up at any Walmart, it isn't possible for a human being to come back later and verify the information.

With a rechargeable card, there's no valid data to use for verification.

Even with a regular credit card, the business would have to ask the card company for the account details associated with the credit card number and the company *WILL NOT* give that information out, since that is essentially giving away the card.

So there's no way to check up on the validity of a donation when you turn off the security. Nobody can do it, short of a court order, and that will only work with registered cards, not with Walmart rechargeable cards.

Obama is fraud on a MASSIVE scale, and no one is talking about it. Now, this is standard Chicago politics, but it's amazing to see it work on a national scale.

Fr Joe Mack said...

excellent blog posts - keep 'em coming!