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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

That's Reassuring

It seems the Irish bishops and the principals of Irish schools have read Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America, and have taken it to heart. They are beginning to argue that all sacramental preparation be taken out of the schools and be done exclusively at home by the parents.

This is, of course, the central argument of DTF. [shameless plug] If you want a more complete demonstration of the case than the article provides, buy the book! [/shameless plug]

Google, the organization that has recently been lecturing the world about how important it is to be transparent with information, is now refusing to take part in hearings about its business with China.

We all know - because Google, MSN, and Yahoo tell us so - that providing limited information is better than providing nothing at all.

This rule seems to apply to everything except Congressional inquiries, where it is better to provide nothing at all than it is to provide limited information.

Perhaps computer geeks are under the impression that China, being made up of Godless communists, might still be saved, while Congress, being made up of American politicians, is past hope. Yet another example of why despair is a mortal sin...


Patrick said...

Some now believe that Google is intentionally messing with the results in China. Here is one short reference to the issue:

It looks like they are not playing by anyone's rules, even their own. I am not sure if I would trust them any further than I could throw Bill Gates.

Patrick said...
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