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Friday, January 06, 2006

A Short Note

My apologies for the long silence on the blog. I generally try to write at least one column a week, but events have prevented that for the last week or so.

The hosting provider for my business web site crashed their e-mail servers and destroyed several years worth of work. They have no backups. Thus, I've spent the last week recovering files and moving them to a new hosting provider who should be much more reliable.

Unfortunately, as a result of this loss, we've lost most of the ability to communicate with our customer base. As a former network admin, it never occured to me that there might be network administrators who didn't make regular backups. Certainly any hosting provider for hundreds of business web sites would not fail to do so! Thus, I foolishly trusted the "professionals" to maintain several of our most important e-mail lists. These were all lost.

As a result of the server crash, we've lost our ability to communicate with the subscribers to the free e-mail services Through the Fathers' Eyes and Today's Lesson. If you were signed up and haven't been getting e-mails lately, this is why.

If you would like to sign up (again) for one or both of these e-mail lists, please do so now through the links above. As the descriptions indicate, both are concise e-mails that don't fill up your box. Through the Fathers' Eyes comes out once a week, Today's Lesson comes out once a day. Only list moderaters can post, and we post no more than what is indicated here.

With any luck, another article for the blog will appear by Monday. The new website is almost complete and ready for business. Everything should be in hand in the next couple of business days.

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