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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Scalfari and Pope Francis

There has recently been much brouhaha about the Italian journalist Scalfari's mis-reporting of Pope Francis' words. Scalfari is 93, an atheist, and has a history of mis-reporting facts when it comes to the Pope.

The Pope continues to allow him personal access, continues to speak with him. Now Scalfari reports that the Pope says there is no hell. Many Catholics, disgruntled with the Pope, have insisted that Scalfari must be reporting correctly, that this is merely one more instance of the Pope's heretical leanings.

Normal, sane Catholics smile and shake their heads. We recall all the times the Pope has taught on hell, and the need to avoid it, and we laugh at the poor memory, the foot-stamping anger, of some of the Church's smaller children.

So, why does  the Pope keep speaking to an atheist who is so near death? To sane Catholics, the answer is obvious. In Les Miserables, when the bishop hands the silver to the thief, the old maidservant can't understand why the bishop is doing this. But we in the audience applaud the bishop for doing the Catholic thing. With every meeting, the Pope hands the silver to a dying atheist journalist, a thief who steals the truth with his words instead of his fists.

So, we can be the sane Catholics who applaud the Pope.
Or we can be the old maidservant, who can't understand what the bishop is doing.



tim520 said...


I have to admit that I'm not aware of everything that Pope Francis has ever said, but I don't recall him ever talking about the real dangers of hell and the fact that souls go there. Please post a link that chronicles him doing so.


Steve Kellmeyer said...

Google "pope francis fatima hell" or just "pope francis hell" and find out for yourself.

You know, I find your lack of faith in the pope disturbing. I don't need to document that the Pope is the Pope. I don't need to provide a link from an MSM source in which the MSM fact-checks the Pope. You actually trust the internet more than the Pope - that's crazy.

If you are Protestant, fine, then I can understand your ignorance. A Protestant wouldn't see it as his place to keep track of the Pope's locutions, so I would't fault you for not knowing. But if you are Catholic, you don't have a right to be that stinking ignorant nor do you have a right to show so little faith in the office.

tim520 said...

Damn, I just made a little request. Sorry.

tim520 said...

Oh, btw, the search for "Pope Francis Fatima" turned up a story about Cardinal Francis Arinze talking about the realities of hell, not nothing for Pope Francis.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Well, the very first link I see with the search "Pope Francis Fatima" (no quotes) is entitled "Leading a godless life might lead you to Hell, Pope warns in Fatima"

So, tim520, it looks like you are either completely incompetent or a liar. Either one would explain why you "don't recall" Pope Francis' teaching on hell.

Mystic Rose said...


3 Times Pope Francis warned about Hell

Not hard to find.