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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pastors: Stop Complaining

Some Catholic pastors are whining that their congregations treat them badly.

You wanted involvement from the laity.
You got it.
Stop complaining.

The Second Vatican Council asked for the laity to get more involved. The Council did NOT mandate that the laity agree with all the priest's/bishop's decisions, nor did it assert that one side or the other would always be right in how they acted.

Priests and bishops model behaviour to the congregation. If priests and bishops abuse the liturgy, then the laity see and understand the basic principle: abuse is acceptable! Thus, the congregation abuses the priests and bishops.

If priests and bishops question the Magisterium's authority, if they pick and choose which teachings of the Church they will endorse, if they cast aspersions on the Pope from the ambo, then the congregation will question the priest's and bishop's authority. The congregation will pick and choose which pronouncements of the pastor they will honor, the congregation will cast aspersions (or make Youtube videos) of the pastor and the bishop and post those on the Internet.

That's how life works.
With ubiquitous video recording devices, what goes around will come around with a vengeance.

The sheep drink from the same stream as the shepherd.
Shepherds should keep that in mind when they choose their streams.

If the pastor doesn't like how the congregation acts, it's because he can't stand looking at his face in the morning mirror. You want an obedient, respectful flock? Be obedient and respectful to the Church. If you aren't, then devil will take the hindmost, and that might well be you.

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