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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

American Rebellion and the Voter Fraud Study

So the Democrat talking heads, that is, the MSM, are saying voter fraud doesn't happen, and they want to cite this study to make the argument that it doesn't. According to this study, there have been only 31 alleged incidents of voter ID fraud out of the 1 billion votes cast since 2000 AD.

Unfortunately, the man writing the study admits what the MSM doesn't want you to know. That is, the professor in question actually doesn't say anything close what the MSM wants you to think he says. These are his actual words:
Election fraud happens. But ID laws are not aimed at the fraud you’ll actually hear about. Most current ID laws (Wisconsin is a rare exception) aren’t designed to stop fraud with absentee ballots (indeed, laws requiring ID at the polls push more people into the absentee system, where there are plenty of real dangers). Or vote buying. Or coercion. Or fake registration forms. Or voting from the wrong address. Or ballot box stuffing by officials in on the scam. In the 243-page document that Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel filed on Monday with evidence of allegedly illegal votes in the Mississippi Republican primary, there were no allegations of the kind of fraud that ID can stop.
Instead, requirements to show ID at the polls are designed for pretty much one thing: people showing up at the polls pretending to be somebody else in order to each cast one incremental fake ballot. This is a slow, clunky way to steal an election. Which is why it rarely happens. 
When he says  "voter fraud doesn't happen", what he means is "people showing up at the polls pretending to be somebody else" - that doesn't happen. But he acknowledges that this is all he is looking at. He isn't looking at all the other ways to defraud the vote.

Unfortunately for this conversation, when most people talk about "voter fraud", they mean a lot more than his narrow definition. They mean not only "voting while pretending to be someone else" but also:
  • fraud with absentee ballots. 
  • vote buying
  • coercion
  • fake registration forms
  • voting from the wrong address
  • ballot box stuffing by officials.
But the professor's study doesn't look at any of those ways, as he himself admits.

But it gets worse. Contrary to the MSM assertion, the professor doesn't say "Election fraud doesn't happen." Instead, he says exactly the opposite: "Election fraud happens" and he certainly knows that these other methods are being used widely everywhere to commit that fraud. Even the Elections Commissioner of New York (a Democrat) much: 

The professor isn't a complete fool. Election fraud happens. This is not news. Does anyone honestly think Tammany Hall didn't exist? That Chicago is not run by a Democrat machine that habitually falsifies the vote? How many senators and Congressman have been elected to office by more votes than there were registered voters? Heck, it happened in the congressional district where I grew up, was reported on the front page of the local paper, and no one was ever indicted, much less prosecuted.

Everyone knew the Congressman was fraudulently elected and everyone knew he had spent years buying up every judge in the county, so everyone knew he couldn't be touched, no matter what was on the front page of the paper. The Congressman served his multiple terms and is now, as far as I know, safely retired and collecting his Congressional pension, after serving himself in Congress for decades and having survived being an unindicted co-conspirator to at least one major Congressional scandal.  This is just business as usual, it is common throughout America, and everyone knows it.

So, when the MSM tells us "there is no substantial voter fraud", we all know they are either using a definition no one else uses, OR they are lying through their pearly-white teeth. Or both. In this case, both.

Now, I am going to go out on a limb and agree that voter ID laws won't stop any of the myriad ways to commit vote fraud that the good professor lists above. But when someone tells us that American citizens do not need photo ID at the polling booth when we absolutely MUST present it for every other single transaction we conduct with the government or its flunkies, when someone says THAT, then we feel as if we are being mocked.

And no one likes to be mocked.

You see, it's pretty simple. If you want to conduct voter fraud and you want everyone to look the other way while it happens because you want the job, its salary and - more important - its perqs, well, that's America. Americans are used to graft. It's the American way. After all, how many voters have inflated their resume, overstated their income on a bank loan, or similarly mis-represented themselves to get money they wanted? American voters are generally willing to do whatever it takes to turn a buck. As can be seen by our propensity to vote for murderous abortion-lovers, we Americans are money-grubbing, venal jackasses who don't care if children have to die as long as the economy stays in the black. If killing children is the price we must pay to maintain our way of life, then kill the little bastards and grind them up in the Insinkerator. In short, we understand ballot-stuffing, we are willing to overlook that because we can easily see ourselves doing the same, if that were necessary to get the job or the promotion or the loan or whatever.

But when you tell American voters, to our faces, that all that photo ID stuff is nonsense for purposes of voting, we start to think that maybe it is nonsense for everything else too. And if it is nonsense for everything else, then why are you requiring it of us for all those other transactions? If it isn't necessary for the most basic civic function there is, voting, then why are we forced to carry this crap at all? If you're going to break the rules to get what you want by using all of the fraudulent methods above, then cut us some slack and dump rules that are designed to prevent us from wriggling around the system the same way you do.

And if you aren't willing to dump the other stupid rules, then at least allow us to save face by pretending that photo ID is as important here as you pretend it is everywhere else.  We don't mind hypocrisy, we just want consistency in our hypocrisy. Without that, how can we look at ourselves in the mirror the morning after we have elected another child-murderer?

Americans just want a level playing field, that's all.
It's our way of life that is at stake here. 

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