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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reasons Not To Vote For Trump

Actual Trump Quote: "the Chinese government almost blew it ... but they put [Tiananmen] down with strength. That shows you the power of strength.": For this alone, he should be cast out of society until he publicly repents in sackcloth and ashes.

Trump lied about writing Art of the Deal

Trump pals around with George Soros

Trump says his supporters are fine with murder

Trump Vows to commit International War Crimes: it is a crime to target civilians, even in wartime. We hanged Germans for doing this.

Trump Vows to take away Constitutional Rights: The right to free speech would be curtailed under Trump.

Trump Takes Jobs away from American Workers: He is more than happy to take away jobs from the poorest American workers.

Trump has extensive Mafia connections: Obama brought in the Chicago mafia and lined their pockets, now Trump will bring in the New York mafia and line HIS pockets.

Trump uses illegal labor: No hard hats, no safety from electrocution.

Trump's business was built with government handouts: Not with hard work, but by buying off politicians

Trump is a lousy businessman: He could have made more money simply by investing in stocks

Trump is still battling numerous lawsuits for fraud and malfeasance: And he'll use the power of the White House to get himself out of trouble.

Most of Donald Trump's Money went to Democrats: Trump bought Democrat politicians by the truckload. He can't afford to lose his investments. He is beholden to the Democrat machine.

How Dana Loesch came to her opinion about Trump

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