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Friday, April 04, 2014

A Bankrupt Philosophy

As I was researching for a class lecture, I ran into the map below. It shows the amount of "homophobia" in the world, according to Gallup's international survey from 2012:
As I studied it, the map reminded me of something I had seen somewhere else.
Hmmmm.... what was it?
Ah, yes! It was this:

The color scheme is switched around (red is always bad, of course, while green is good), but as you can see, the map is pretty close to identical.  Wherever the national debt is high, homosexual activity is very much encouraged. Wherever national debt is low, homosexuality is very much discouraged.

In fact, I even ran a scatterplot to check the correlation, using the same trick the Atlantic article used, doing a log of the currency values in order to increase the r-squared value. Lo! and behold! The r-squared value came in at a very respectable 50.3% correlation.

So then I checked within the United States and I found these maps. The first presents the areas that permit homosexual unions:

The second shows the areas with high state and local debts:

As you can see, while the match in America isn't perfect, there's quite a bit of overlap. Generally speaking, where debt is high, homosexual "rights" are powerful. Where debt is low, homosexual "rights" tends not to be powerful.

Homosexual "rights" seems to be, quite literally, a bankrupt philosophy, or rather, the philosophy of the bankrupt.


Steve Dalton said...

I wonder why debt is so high in sodomite friendly places? is it because the sods spend their disposable income rather that saving it, or are there so many of them working in the government, that they waste public funds like they do their personal finances?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

The difference is a cultural, philosophical difference on a national level.

Large debts are accumulated by people who don't care about the future. The debt isn't their problem. They don't intend to pay it.

People who have lots of children care about the future. They don't want to leave large debts to their children.

Homosexuals literally have no future.

Similarly, tax-and-spend politicians care only about the next election, not about inter-generational debt.

Like calls to like across the deep.

Paul Stilwell said...

Usury and sodomy. Peas in a pod.

BJohnM said...

And the States with the highest teenage pregnancy rates, the highest divorce rates , and the lowest per capita income correlate near perfectly to the states with the highest rates of reported "Christian belief" (the Bible belt).

So, obviously Christianity must not be very good for the economy or for the institution of marriage or child rearing, hey Steve?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Actually, you're wrong on that.

The highest rates of Catholic belief actually have an inverse correlation to all of those things.

Here's the rate of Catholic belief

Here's the rate of divorce:

Here's the rate of teen pregnancy:

Here's the per capita income: