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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Woman, Meet Reality. Reality, Meet Woman.

Some interesting facts:
So, women deliberately create their own hells. They create the single-parent environments that impoverish and victimize them. 

Women raise their own rapists. 
Women raise their daughters' rapists. 

A woman, especially a mother, needs a man like a fish needs water.
A woman needs a man like a breathing creature needs oxygen. 

Without men, women commit long, slow, painful suicide.
They really aren't very good at being independent.
Those are the facts.


Steve Dalton said...

I imagine you're going to catch hell for this post, but those are the facts.

c said...

It is a crisis of motherhood. A husband with lousy mothering is often just another child in the household, hooked on sports like a little boy, unknowingly putting the new "Mom" in a position to wear the pants (handing his wife the man's role). She can't be nurturing at the same time and doesn't understand why she gets no respect. Like her mother before her, she enters the workforce looking for it. Is it any wonder she buys the lie that she doesn't need him? The baton of lousy motherhood has been passed but both are dancing the dance. Hooray for Promise Keepers and the like. You men will have to be patient with the ladies to bring them back. They have seen you whining over trifles just like the little ones and they don't believe you have any backbone. That's my take on it (a mature woman).