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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Yoga Became Popular

The Huffington Post has an article that attempts to explain why yoga has become so popular. As usual it gets everything backwards. 

Yoga is a chick thing. 83% of yoga practitioners are women. Yoga is also highly linked to sexual activity - it was initially designed to increase sexual appetite. According to the New York Times, yoga began as a sex cult.

80% to 90% of American women are on hormonal contraceptives.
Hormonal contraceptives almost uniformly decreases libido

So, for all those women whose libido has been reduced by the Pill and other artificial hormonal chemicals, yoga is the only way to stay sexually interesting enough to snag a man. Thus, the marketing of yoga via the young, slim, sexually desirable woman.

The popularity of yoga really demonstrates nothing more than women thinking with their gonads.

1 comment:

Steve Dalton said...

Several years ago, I read a chapter in a book by a guru named Pre. The chapter was on the dangers of yoga. Not only was heighten sexuality a possible danger, but also a whole slew of mental and physical illnesses which, as he put it, Western medicine has no treatment or cure for. The guru's who push this sanitized yoga are not being honest with their Western pupils about this.