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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Rod Dreher: Crunched In The Head

Many Catholics today are getting upset about Rod Dreher's insistence that he can't return to the Catholic Church because it is too touchy-feely. He'll stick with the Orthodox church because it "teaches the hard lessons."

Yes, it is hard to read the sentence above without snorting.
Now I hate the sugary sweet sermons and spinelessness of American Catholics as much as the next guy, but let's get serious.

The Orthodox Church accepts divorce and contraception.

If Rod Dreher was REALLY looking for doctrinal rigor, he wouldn't be Eastern Orthodox.

Now, I'm quite certain he is being honest when he says he can't bring himself to return to the Catholic Church. But I'm also sure that the problem isn't the treacle that American Catholic priests commonly mistake for preaching. God bless his little heart, as they say in Texas, but Rod didn't get where he is today by disagreeing with the mainstream media. His incoherent essay just proves that point again.


southerncanuck said...

Read the article yesterday and couldn't agree with you more.

Pauli said...

Yes. We agree.

Sadly I think he is attempting a sort of "self-hypnosis" here. "I'm NOT going back, I'm NOT going back...." You can imagine him almost hoping the new pope would possess a style he disliked so it provide him with an I-told-you-so moment.

Diane said...

Excellent post!

This professional anti-Catholic poseur *must* be exposed. Sincere, naive Catholics are taking his self-serving mendacious shtick seriously. Souls are being led astray.

I used to pray for Rod's return to the Fold. I still do. But now I am praying just as hard that he will just SHUT UP with the relentless Catholic-bashing. Enough is enough.

Keith said...

Steve, I wanted to add my own assent to what Pauli and Diane said, but if this isn't just going to be another whack-a-mole moment with this guy, more may need to be done.