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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Darwin Taught Intelligent Design

It has been argued that explanations in terms of final causes remain common in modern science, including contemporary evolutionary biology,[14][15] and that teleology is indispensable to biology in general for (among other reasons) the very concept of adaptation is teleological in nature.[15] In an appreciation of Charles Darwin published in Nature in 1874, Asa Gray noted "Darwin's great service to Natural Science" in bringing back to Teleology "so that, instead of Morphology versus Teleology, we shall have Morphology wedded to Teleology". Darwin quickly responded, "What you say about Teleology pleases me especially and I do not think anyone else has ever noticed the point."[14] Francis Darwin and T. H. Huxley reiterate this sentiment. The latter wrote that "..the most remarkable service to the philosophy of Biology rendered by Mr. Darwin is the reconciliation of Teleology and Morphology, and the explanation of the facts of both, which his view offers."[14] James G. Lennox states that Darwin uses the term 'Final Cause' consistently in his Species NotebookOrigin of Species and after.[16]  (source)

I have argued this extensively, and been roundly attacked for making such wild assertions.

But, apparently, modern evolutionists never actually bother to read Darwin.
When they do, they are apparently incapable of understanding what he said.

And these are the people we are supposed to trust.

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