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Monday, February 20, 2012

One of These Things...

One of these things is just like the other:

If you like female genital mutilation, raise your hands.


For some odd reason, some women are very much against the idea of having their clitoris and labia snipped off with a butcher's scissors without benefit of anasthesia at the age of five or ten, by their own mothers, no less.

But, these same women defend the use of a known carcinogen, the hormonal contraceptive. Keep in mind that hormonal contraceptives are Class I carcinogens, right up there with cigarette smoke and plutonium.

Now, here's a question for the class:
What's the difference between using a scissors to snip off external genitalia
using artificial carcinogenic hormones to wither up the womb?
Yeah, I don't know either.

But, when feminists protest the first one, they are showing their compassion.
When Catholic bishops protest the second one, they are showing their misogynistic patriarchism.

Islam is fine with pedophilia, but kills homosexuals.
America is fine with homosexuals, but seems to get outraged (at least for the moment) about pedophilia.

Muslims snip clitorises and labia.
Americans snip fallopian tubes and vasa deferentia.

Muslims treat women like animals by making them literal clothes-horses with the abaya.
Americans treat women like animals by having them strip naked for our movies.

Muslims blow themselves up in crowded bazaars.
Americans go on shooting sprees in crowded schools.

Muslims kill their children for reasons of honor.
Americans kill their children for reasons of convenience.

What can we conclude from this?
Muslims are really, really screwed up.
Feminists are really, really screwed up.
Americans are really, really screwed up.


Nilk said...

Actually, Steve, there are feminists who are quite okay with female genital mutilation. Germaine Greer, for example regards it as a cultural thing, and it's up to muslim (or other) women if they want it or not.

Of course she's begging the question of 'choice' here, as the cultural pressure to participate in that barbaric custom is very strong.

In any case, many western feminists don't consider non-western women's conditions as being of equal importance to their own, so they very often ignore FGM.

Xristoforos McAvoy said...

Mr. Kellmeyer, your blog is most worthy and honourable of serving our Lord Jesus Christ's Church. Continue to remain charitable and humourous at the same time.

I thank you for continueing to defend Michael Voris, His employer, Marc brammer and all other people of good will.

I have spent time amongst some Coptic Orthodox Christians, and 2 of my friends lived in Egypt.

I can tell you that the female genital mutilation is not a practice of muslims.

It is a local cultural practice,
A large chunk of North East Africa, regardles of religion, whether animist, moslem, agnostic - has some connection or tradition of this "mutilation". Christians have been involved as well.

alright... DO Keep that in mind.

I want to say also that in my opinion, the state of the Latin Catholic Church today is in fact no worse than the Russian Orthodox Church was during the communist period.

I say this having spent time in both "extreme liberal novus ordo" and also FSSP/SSPX and Russian Orthodox Churches. From the extreme modernist one which was iconoclastic to one which was like the medieval art exposition, frescoes/icons everywhere!
The differences between them are rather shocking.

(Pope Paul VI (a homosexual himself) had signed papers to not attack communism with Soviet ambassadors in the '60s by the way.)

If it weren't for the Traditional Catholics and Eastern Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox Church would be all there is left. God bless them all. Our path to salvation is made more easily possible by their existence.

Matheus F. Ticiani said...

Hello Steve

Are types such as the above your target audience now...? Really?

Steve Kellmeyer said...


It is true that FGM is not formally taught in either the Koran or the Hadiths, and is not technically part of Islam. It is a cultural practice that pre-dates Islam and is found in many animist groups.

However, Islam is the only major world religion that supports FGM.

Indeed, FGM has been promoted by numerous Muslim clerics and imams as being absolutely integral to the practice of Islam.

Although various African Christian individuals may practice it, it is in no way formally supported by any Christian church.

So, while it is not technically a doctrine of Islam, it is most certainly culturally practiced and associated with Islam. Without Islamic support, the practice would be relatively uncommon and growing increasingly so.

Matheus, you'd be amazed at the various kinds of people who read this blog. I'm just giving orthodox Catholic commentary on current events.

Mystic Rose said...


What's the difference? Hmmm, let's see....

FGM obliterates the sensation of pleasure, while contraception promises to maximize it with no "consequences."

So, as with so many liberal issues, the "difference" boils down to physical gratification.