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Friday, July 29, 2011

If You Show Me Yours...

...I'll show you nothin'...

And you'll LIKE it.

He couldn't show us Osama's body.
Too dangerous.
Couldn't even show us pictures.
Far too dangerous.

Can't show us a budget plan.
Too dangerous.
Can't even show us the paper it's written on.
Far too dangerous.

Can't show us his law school grades.
Too dangerous.
Or his senior thesis.
Far too dangerous.

Can't show medical records.
Too dangerous.

What about his original application for a social security number?
From Connecticut.
Too dangerous.

Need a subpoena to look at his original birth certificate.
Too dangerous otherwise.


I've got an idea.

How about we just show him the door?


scotju said...

And let that door hit your hind end on the way out, fake ex-president!

Jim Dorchak said...

Well the problem is that there are sooooooo many who think that he is the best thing since sliced bread. As a result rational people end up being procecuted and derided.

I can not put up with this and stay here in the USA so I am taking my family, what little money that has not been already stolen from me and my Entrepreneurial spirit and heading to south america. I am following many, many others who have also been asked to leave (metaphorically) the former USA.

Jim Dorchak