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Monday, February 28, 2011

Managing Risk

It is being breathlessly reported in the press that UK "doctors" have said abortion is safer than pregnancy.

This just goes to show that doctors aren't mathematicians, much less statisticians.
That's why we have Meadow's Law, after all.

Now, let's consider the facts:

Given any particular point in pregnancy, no matter which point you choose, it is safer to simply be pregnant than it is to be pregnant and have an abortion.

Indeed, both drug-induced and surgical abortion are so dangerous and the risks rise so rapidly that by the fourteenth week, the risk of the woman's death or disablement from having the abortion is actually higher than the total risk for all the months of the remaining pregnancy.

That is, if you took all the risks of pregnancy and childbirth for the last six months, wrapped them up in one ball, and compared that single ball of risk to the risk from having an abortion on any given day during those last six months, the entire pregnancy is still safer than the abortion.

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