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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Howell is Back In

In an absolutely shocking development, the UIUC is offering Dr. Ken Howell his job back.

However, the university insists that the Diocese of Peoria is not to pay for the position - Howell's salary will come out of the UIUC faculty coffers from this point forward.

I am amazed.
I did not expect him to be teaching there again, nor did he.

Kudos to the Facebook support group and to all those involved in the negotiations, including Bishop Daniel Jenky and the Alliance Defense Fund, the Protestant legal group that was working with Dr. Howell to reverse UIUC's decision.

I am happy to see that this has come to a positive conclusion.

Now, some might still be upset with me about my earlier comments concerning Bishop Jenky's involvement, given the happy resolution of the case.

I stand by my opinion that the Newman Center's firing of Dr. Howell was far too hasty, and I stand by the opinion that it is highly unlikely Dr. Howell was fired from the Newman Center without the Bishop's knowledge and approval.

You may argue that this was merely a tactic to increase pressure on UIUC, that Bishop's heart was not really in it, and both those statements may well be true.

But, tactic or no, it didn't reflect well on the Bishop or on Newman Center.
The various strategies of the various parties involved have, however, come together so that Dr. Howell again has a position, fleeting as adjunct instruction is.

And that is certainly a good thing.


o said...

Now that the university has complete control over the salary, it will have complete control over the class content and the selection of the next teacher of whichever class on Catholicism. A weakness has been corrected. Where can we promote this guy or are budget cutbacks coming in a year or two?

The school was SO behind the times.

Steve Kellmeyer said...


They'll try again in a year or two. At least Howell has some time to look for a new job.

tuleesh said...

Hello, great site! Thanks for taking on the difficult issues in Roman Catholicism, today.

I can't remember the site I found you through [poor grammar? Sorry]. I think it was a link on Jim Hoft's site, Gateway Pundit or Lair of the Catholic Cavemen.

I've learned two things when it comes to the tyranny of Political Correctness. When push comes to shove, Leftism wins when a person is Jewish or Christian and a Leftist. The other thing is that some Christians will fold simply because it's easier to get along.

It's worse when the bishops just want to "get along." Look at how much they cozy up to organizations that practice values that are overtly against Church teaching and have laypersons on USCCB boards with questionable loyalty to Catholic teaching.

If it turns out that the firing of Professor Howell did indeed have the bishop's approval well...hay, we all just need to get along.