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Friday, May 07, 2010

To Bomb or Not To Bomb

The great thing about liberals is, they aren't just spineless cowards, they are stupid spineless cowards.

Take for instance, Comedy Central . Why it was just a week ago that the creators of South Park dressed Mohammed up in a bear suit and had him prance around on the animated set as the main characters tried out various comedic lines (well, not really comedic, except to a five-year old... this is South Park, after all).

Much to the writers' chagrin, Comedy Central decided to ban the episode, lest Muslims be offended and blow them up. A subsequent episode had all references to Mohammed bleeped out.

Following this, a West Coast blogger and artist proposed a "Let's All Draw Mohammed Day" and then immediately withdrew the proposal as it went viral, lest she be blown up as well.

Their concerns were not without foundation.
Within days of the events, a massive car bomb was found scant feet from the headquarters of Viacom in New York's Times Square.
Viacom is the HQ for Comedy Central.

So, the brilliant minds at Comedy Central have now proposed to lampoon Jesus Christ.

Smooth move, Ex-Lax.
  • Do these jokers realize that Muslims consider Jesus Christ the third holiest prophet in history, second only to Abraham and Mohammed himself?
  • Do they understand that they consider him born of a virgin, and sinless his whole life (along with his mother), a true Muslim who lived the Muslim faith perfectly, just as Mohammed did?
  • Do they recognize that Jesus Christ is, according to Muslim theology, the one who will judge everyone on the Last Day?
  • Does anyone at Comedy Central read the news? Or read, period? Have they discovered how well Egypt tolerated Elton John's recent remarks about Jesus? Elton should thank his lucky stars he was banned. If he had gone to Egypt, he never would have gotten out alive.
So, YO!
Comedy Central freaks!
How do you think the Muslims will react to you making fun of the Muslim prophet Jesus?

That's right, friend.

They gonna blow you up.

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