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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Living Like Animals

Alright, I don't get it.

According to all the experts,:
  • single moms make great parents,
  • homosexuals make great parents (remember Heather Has Two Mommies?),
  • it takes a village to raise a child,
  • rape of underage girls is ok as long as it is an alcohol-fueled lesbian rape (ala Vagina Monologues),
  • and we have to be accepting of alternate family arrangements.
But when a village actually tries to raise the children (as in the FLDS Church in Texas), suddenly everyone gets upset. Some of the kids identified multiple women as their mother. And, until 2005, the age of consent in the Lone Star State for a girl to get married with her parents' permission was: 14.

We saw a similar situation play out with the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. The priests implicated in the scandal were simply living a vibrant and active homosexual lifestyle, but the press got upset about it. Now, the lifestyle they were living was, in this case, in direct opposition to the theology they claimed to espouse, but the media outrage was identical.

Why are the same news media who are so insistent on everyone accepting the bulleted principles above now so outraged when they find people living according to the very principles they espouse (pardon the pun)?

Because secular humanists are allowed to live this way, but people who profess belief in this Christ guy are NOT allowed to live this way, even if their distorted version of Christian theology teaches that they SHOULD live this way.

So, the next question is obvious.

Assume we had exactly the same situation, with one difference.

Assume everyone on the Texas compound prayed five times a day, gave alms, and made the hajj to Mecca. That is, imagine an identical situation, the only difference being that the deity references were all to Allah, the women all dressed in burquas, and the men all sported a fistful of beard.

Would a convoy of armed Texas deputies have come after them, separated husbands from their (underage) wives, and shipped 400 children away?

And if they had, who would be yelling the loudest about discrimination, racism, etc.?

Polygamy and pedophilia are crimes against humanity. But no one points out that the FLDS are hardly unique practitioners of these abuses. Over a billion people around the world engage in identical activity. Why doesn't anyone in the media point this out?


Anonymous said...

As usual, you don't understand anything:

Jordan Potter said...

What does the "dneiwert" weblog have to do with the point Steve made about Muslim polygamy and sexual abuse of women and girls? Do you think reading the "dneiwert" weblog, which supports what Steve says here, will make Steve change his mind about the evil of polygamy and sexual abuse? Or are you just a mannerless person who doesn't like Steve, but doesn't mind taking advantage of his weblog to advertise someone else's?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is brainwashed. The question is what have their brains been washed with (or, with what have their brains been washed).

(not same anon as above)