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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Radio Show

Because I'm not too bright, it failed to occur to me that some people may want to listen to the weekly radio show I do.

The Soundbites program airs from noon to 1 pm every Friday on Guadalupe Radio Network, the Catholic radio station in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Although we are off the air on Good Friday, our most recent controversy involved a piece of scatalogical artwork which depicted Our Lady of Guadalupe as a stripper. It was displayed at the University of Dallas. It was also removed by an unknown gallery patron and not returned.

The president of the University of Dallas called it theft.
We called it virtue.


Anonymous said...

Shoot. And I had heard some good things about U of Dallas.

Jordanes said...

I guess I'm not surprised that the president of a U.S. Catholic university would be confused about what constitutes "theft" and what doesn't. The only sin was when the alleged artwork was created and displayed in a place where human beings could see it. Removing and destroying such a thing is virtuous, not sinful.