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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elton John's Walmart

Christians can’t decide whether to love or hate Walmart this season. On the bright side, Walmart has decided to emphasize Christmas. “Happy Holidays” is out, “Merry Christmas” is in. In fact, the joy-filled “Merry Christmas” is so strenuously endorsed that our local Walmart had Christmas goods out on the shelves before the Halloween candies had been put on clearance.

If turning the whole of the fall season into an extended Advent season is good, then Walmart is clearly going above and beyond the call.

On the other hand, Walmart is also clearly courting the gay lifestyle. It has become a partner of the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, thereby joining nearly every one of the Fortune 500.

So, support for a lifestyle that results in the early, painful, diseased death of the consumer is nearly unanimous. Like addiction to tobacco, addiction to the homosexual lifestyle creates a consumer, but what a consumer! Instead of spending money only on tobacco products, they spend money on any epicurean delight. Best of all, while tobacco users often had dependents, homosexuals don’t. They have at least as much disposable income as their heterosexual peers, but they have no one to spend it on but themselves.

This is important when combined with another piece of news: the number of married adults with children living in the same household now make up a minority of the households in the United States.

Businesses go where the money is. As the number of families with children drops, the marketing and culture devoted to families with children will also necessarily drop. It is not cost-effective.

Every market specialist knows that twenty percent of the customer base brings in eighty percent of the business. Indeed, businesses that succeed recognize that they cannot aim to please every customer, rather, they must primarily aim to please the biggest spenders in their stores. The infrequent or penurious customer is not worth the money it costs to retain him.

Just as large companies often spin off and sell subsidiaries that are not generating enough profit, so those same large companies will ignore a customer segment that does not generate enough profit.

Customers can boycott stores, but stores can - by the way they market - also boycott customers. For many companies, married heterosexual adults with children are beginning to be a market segment that is simply not worth the trouble.

Indeed, it is in the interest of most companies to see these same families break up. It is easier to sell Happy Meals to overworked, single parents who don’t have time to cook than it is to sell those same Happy Meals to a stable, married couple with children, especially if one is a stay-at-home parent.

Walmart makes less and less money each year from families precisely because there are fewer and fewer families. So, as Walmart tries to transition to the big spenders, it holds one foot in the doorway of its traditional base. It starts to groom homosexuals while it throws a bone to the families. This is Walmart's gift to us: Merry Christmas.

"From my point of view I would ban religion completely, even though there are some wonderful things about it. I love the idea of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it, which I loved in Sunday school and I collected all the little stickers and put them in my book. But the reality is that organised religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."

So says Elton John (whose statements above show he also keeps a foot in both doors, and in more ways than one), and who can argue? Compassion, as it is currently defined, means celebrating diversity while making sure all the diverse wallets empty into your own. Sure, the average homosexual may die an early, diseased, painful death, but he bought quite a few of the self-indulgent accoutrements for his death-style at our stores. There's compassion for you.

Walmart isn't the first to do this, it is among the last. It is caught between catering to a dying lifestyle (the family) and catering to the lifestyle of the dying (homosexuals). All the signs indicate the profit margin on the second is better, thus it would be immoral to harm shareholders by concentrating on the first. So, in true Calvinist Christian style, it pursues the largest profit margin as the most moral course. That's as close to Christian compassion as any corporation can expect to get.


Jordan Potter said...

Oh goody, I have another reason to continue my boycott of Wally World.

Not that it does any good, but it's the principle of the thing, you know.

Patrick said...

Well, at least in the U.S. and according to the BBC, Venezuela, it appears our precious bishops are also trying to court the homosexuals, possibly also for monetary gain. In the U.S., I have begun to hear local media campaigns for Catholic churches with "reach out" programs to increase the number of homosexuals in their parish community. One of them even points out that the priest scandals have placed a poor light on homosexual persons. Now that's an advertising spin!

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Well, you must admit that the priest scandals HAVE placed homosexuals in a poor light...

I've gone to those fairly stupid child safety programs that dioceses put on. In the last one I was at, the speaker insisted that homosexuals were no more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals.

Her reasoning?

In raw numbers, heterosexuals caused more cases of sexual child abuse than homosexuals. I pointed out that this was true only in raw numbers, not in per capita cases. Homosexuals caused 30% of pedophilia cases, while making up only 1% of the population.

She simply kept insisting on her talking point, ignoring the fact that - by her method of interpreting numbers - we now realize that it is safer to be driven by a drunk than it is to be driven by a sober driver, since sober drivers cause the majority of accidents. Sure, drunks make up less than 1% of the driving population and cause 30% of accidents involving injuries, but sober drivers cause the majority of accidents, so...

Jordan Potter said...

I can't help but wonder how anybody can claim that homosexuality has nothing at all to do with an adult man sexually abusing a teenage boy. What else should you call it when Older Y Chromosome buggers Young Y Chromosome? It's not like Older Y chromosome was sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex, was he?

Anyway, I also had to go through one of those diocesan "safe environment" programs, and not a word was said about the real causes of the problem. An ironic little bit was that in the place where we were gathered, there was a statue of Jesus with little children sitting on His lap and hugging Him. It's nice to know that we have now become the kind of church in which we would report Jesus to the authorities on suspicion of pedophilia, or at least we'd make Jesus watch some videos and get Himself fingerprints and have a background check done, and then promise never to lay His hands on children and bless them ever again . . . .

Patrick said...

In many of the local parishes in my area, priests have been asked not to have any contact with the parish grade or high schools unless in completely public venues like speeches or graduations. Even church administration duties may cause contact with kids, and so they are asked to refrain and let lay personnel handle it, priests should stick to masses. One of the priests that I just recently talked to said that he knew of several priests in college educational positions that have been warned to look for other positions within a few years because the church may eliminate those positions because of the "risks" involved with false allegations still causing payouts to keep it out of the press. Our current parish priest won't talk to kids unless adults are visibly nearby and will only allow adult servers during masses. Changes - they are coming.

Jordan Potter said...

Yes, how interesting that the net effect of the bishops' ordination of homosexuals and dereliction in dealing with their homosexual priests' sins is a curtailing of the role and activity of priests and bishops in our daily lives.