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Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Typology Course

Well, I thought I would put in a plug for the new typology course starting June 5th at the College of Athanasius. If you have ever wanted to learn how to stay awake during the Sunday Mass readings, this course is for you!

The four week course demonstrates how to read and understand the Scriptures using some of the same methods used by people like Scott Hahn, Pat Madrid, Karl Keating, and Tim Staples. They stole these ideas from the Fathers of the Church, so it is only fair that we steal them too. The course teaches you how to use the four senses of Scripture briefly described in the Catechism, #115-119.

You don't need to know Greek, Hebrew or Latin.
You don't need to study grammar or verb tenses.
If you can identify the noun and the verb in a sentence, you know all you need to know to succeed.

Because the course is built around a bulletin board system, you work according to your own schedule, not someone else's. But, because it is in a bulletin board system, you can also easily converse and collaborate with the other people taking the course. Best of all, it doesn't fill your e-mail box with lots of messages.

This four week course on Scriptural typology starts Sunday, June 5 and ends July 1.

Information on the content can be obtained at

If you want see the first (and longest) reading assignment, get the PDF document at:

Cost is $25 for the four-week course.
The textbook is Scripture.
If you go to the course outline link above, you will be pointed to a free electronic Bible with Strong's concordance. Strictly speaking, you don't need it, but some people might find it useful and I have found that software more than adequate for my needs. I especially like having Strong's at my fingertips for free.

If this course proves successful, we will be offering at least one, possibly two, follow-ups:
Option A) Using typology in the interpretation of medieval and Renaissance art
Option B) Identifying New Testament typology in modern literature.
In both of the follow-up courses, you will use what you learned in this first course to investigate why certain cultural icons are so powerful.


Jordan Potter said...

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Steve Kellmeyer said...

Thanks - the wife just started a blog and found all these new templates, so that forced me to update the look, just to keep from being left behind by my own family... :)

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