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Friday, July 02, 2004


Here's some things to think about.

1) We're supposed to be upset about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Torture was used, you know. Very bad. Of course, when a bill is brought before Congress requiring anesthesia for children about to be aborted, that's a different matter. That interferes with a woman's right to choose. No more needs be said.

2) The National Catholic Register reports that Austin Ruse is upset with Randall Terry. Seems Mr. Terry is not Catholic (although he believes in the Real Presence and frequently goes to confession with Catholic priests - which is the right of every baptized person. Randall seems to be one of the few who knows that), but Mr. Terry had the chutzpah to picket the USCCB Colorado conference. He wants the USCCB to deny Kerry communion. Ruse says Terry - not being Catholic - has not the right to voice an opinion.

I will note two things:
a) The Council of Nicaea was called by a pagan. Constantine was not Catholic at the time he required all the bishops to come together to treat of the problem Arius posed.
b) Given a choice between heeding the opinion of a Catholic like Frances Kissling, Ted Kennedy or John Kerry or the opinion of Randall Terry, I think I'll go with the non-Catholic every time.

3) John Kerry has now been formally accused of heresy. A canon lawyer filed charges in ecclesial court. There are many more heretics where Kerry came from. Go thou, and do likewise.

Actually, I kind of suspect American Life League's Judy Brown will do exactly that. My donations to ALL will certainly increase if she does. After all, we have a duty to financially support the work of the Church...

Now, here's an interesting addendum to all this: Pursuant to Canon 1476 of the Code of Canon Law of 1983, it is no longer required for one to be baptized in order to sue in Ecclesiastical Court. So, that puts an interesting spin on the altercation between Mr. Terry and Mr. Ruse, doesn't it? Especially when we remember that Cathy Cleaver Ruse, Austin's wife, specifically told me a few weeks ago that the bishops are not working to make abortion or contraception illegal in this country.

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