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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Lots of News

Point #1
Check out this link on the legalization of sharia in Ontario. Seems my piece on the Three Faces Towards Eve was prophetic - secularism and sharia law are beginning to join hands.

Point #2
Check out this link on the percentage of homosexuals in the population. If you remember, I posted information on this several months ago. The Canadian government just confirms what the gays already agreed was true in the friend of the court brief to the Texas sodomy case.

Point #3
I am no longer writing for Catholic Exchange. I had a philosophical disagreement with Tom Allen, the man who runs the website. He took issue with several aspects of my writing, but most lately with the opening lead for Three Faces Towards Eve. Too harsh, it seems.

That's me: harsh.
Reality tends to be that way, and I like to stay in contact with it.

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