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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thoughts on Charlottesville

The Nazis learned eugenics from American and England.

The Nuremberg laws were modeled on US law.
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Every president from Teddy Roosevelt forward (with the sole exceptions of Reagan and GW Bush) advocated for eugenics policies of some sort.

The Nazi eugenic policy won in WW II because it wasn't their policy.
It was ours.

So, when people say the marchers in Charlottesville don't represent America, they are damned liars. If you support and/or use contraception or abortion, which are essentially eugenic tools, then you are a eugenicist. You differ only in degree from the Charlottesville marchers not in kind.

And, in that sense, Charlottesville is a fight between the national socialists and the international socialists, it is a family fight between close relatives, brothers under the skin, ideological twins who differ only in details. Both sides want eugenics, both sides want the other side physically wiped out.

That's America.

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