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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Inexpensive Alternative to Obamacare

Unable to afford your health insurance increases this year? Consider Liberty Health Shares, an alternative to health insurance that is much more affordable and more reliable than regular insurance. A family of six on the most expensive share plan will have a maximum monthly fee significantly under $500, with an annual “deductible” (AUA) of $500 per person or $1500 per family (more on that in a bit).  The least expensive plan is just over $100 a month.

Liberty HealthShare participants don’t pay a ‘premium’ each month, they pay a monthly fee. The fee is  shared among participants who have medical expenses for that month. So instead of having a private company pay the bills, all the people who belong to Liberty together pay everyone’s bills for that month – they share each other’s medical expenses. If you were a participant and had medical bills, other participants’ monthly contributions would fund your medical expenses and vice versa.
There’s an annual unshared amount (AUA) for each participant, similar to a deductible, which is an amount that cannot be shared. Once you pay your AUA, which is $500 per individual, $1500 per family, Liberty Health Share will cover all of your doctor appointments, medical tests, and any other medical expenses according to the plan you choose.  They will also renegotiate your bill to reduce the total cost to everyone involved, them and you.

Participants receive a free wellness check-up. Hospital stays, medical tests and x-rays are all covered. As a participant, I can also choose which doctor or facility I want to go to. With an HMO or PPO I would have to find a doctor within that specific network. Now I have the option to choose any quality care provider that accepts my health share card. If the provider chooses not to accept the card, keep the receipts and send them into Liberty; Liberty reimburses the expense. There is a discount card for prescriptions.

Participants in this cooperative fulfill the requirements of the Obamacare mandate and do not pay any penalty or tax for non-participation in the ACA.

The 3 Different Plans Include:

Liberty_complete-Liberty Share: $70% of eligible medical costs are shared up to $125,000 (Medical costs are shared on a per person, per incident basis, for illnesses or injuries incurring medical expenses when treated by physicians, urgent care facilities, clinics, emergency rooms, or hospitals (inpatient and outpatient)

-Liberty Plus: 100% of eligible medical costs are shared up to $125,000. Participants also qualify for pharmacy, chiropractic, dental, hearing, and vision services through Envision Medical Solutions (EMS)

-Liberty Complete: 100% of eligible medical costs are shared up to $1,000,000, Same services as above are available through EMS

If you would like to receive more information on this, send me the following information and I refer you to Liberty. I am providing this information because:
  1. It may help some people find affordable medical care and 
  2. Liberty Health Share gives a $100 bonus for every person signs onto Liberty when I send them the individual’s contact information below.
We have personally used Liberty for our health coverage over the last two years and have found that it covers our medical bills at least as well as regular insurance ever has. The monthly payment hasn't increased in the two years we have been on it. If I had any serious qualms about the product, you wouldn't be receiving this message.

If you find this information useful, and would like to learn more, please consider helping me financially - at no cost to yourself – by allowing me to refer you to Liberty Health Shares. Whether you end up joining is entirely your decision. That’s none of my business.

Please send me:
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If you do find this useful and do ask me for a referral, I will thank you by sending you a coupon for 20% off any purchase at I only get paid if you become a Liberty customer. But no matter what you ultimately choose to do, you get the coupon

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