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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Trumpkin Wall

The "Trumpkin Wall" may soon replace the term "Potemkin village" in reference to the gullibility of suckers. Consider:

1) If the wall is built, America will functionally LOSE territory, since the wall has to be built well back from the Rio Grande in order to abide by treaty regulations. By definition, we will functionally be ceding all territory south of the wall to Mexico.

2) If the wall is built, it will be built using American funds. Even if the US penalizes money transfers to Mexico, we will be taking money earned in the US, money that was supposed to have gone to US citizens in order to build the wall. So, Mexico will pay for whatever is built using US funds. The joke is on us.

3) Trumpkins are suckers.


Chris McCann said...

Even if Trump's first act as President is to fund the building of a wall, nothing would occur in his first, or even second (if there is one) term. For over a thousand mile of wall: environmental impact studies and statements, archaeologic studies, geologic studies, property surveys, lawsuits in reaction to the POSSIBILITY of eminent domain taking, etc. Opposition will drag out for decades before the first bucket of sand is moved.

Paul Stilwell said...

How far down into the ground does he intend the wall to go in order to prevent tunnels?