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Thursday, February 06, 2014

ObamaCare Won't Be Repealed

Everyone is complaining that ObamaCare will remove 2.5 million jobs from the economy. They don't realize the ObamaCare reduction in the work force is part of a 200-year long trend.

The "ten-hour" day movement started in 1810, it became the "8-hour day" movement by 1817, granted in England by 1847. The less-industrialized French won a 12-hour workday one year later in 1848. By WW I, most industrialized countries had adopted England's 8-hour day. This cut the effective work force size by at least one-quarter.

1930s child labor laws permanently removed the entire under-16 workforce. 1930s Social Security permanently removed the over 65 workforce. Post WW II government college loans permanently removed 50% of the 18-25 workforce as they were told they needed college degrees to find jobs. Obamacare permanently lowers the work week to 30 hours.

Up to 50% of our jobs will be automated in 20 years. It is not luddite to point out the facts: technology has steadily removed work from human hands for 200 years, and it promises to continue to do so. It will idle the blue-collar work force first, the white-collar last. The people who create the robots (slaves) will become rich while the people who are replaced will not.

The rich are all population control freaks because they realize that their own factories don't need the manpower. The idle poor can be fed, but it would be better if they weren't there at all - people who don't exist don't revolt. The welfare population must remain small and easily controlled. So, it's in their interests to make sure the lower classes don't breed. Free birth control in ObamaCare, destruction of marriage, lousy health care, poverty, females working and/or in school instead of married at home raising kids - these all contribute to a steady reduction in the size of the lower classes.

ObamaCare will not be repealed. The ruling classes can't afford to let that happen.


bobef said...

This is going to end badly.

Steve Dalton said...

Steve, I hope you're wrong, but if the white working class catches on to what is being done to them, they won't take it lying down.

Also, the Blacks, Asians, and Latinos won't be too happy either. The Asians will prosper because of their high intelligence, but the B's&L's, who do mostly manual labor won't when machines replace them. They won't take it lying down either, and if they can't work, they will demand welfare. The Asians will resent shelling out money for them, and friction will develop between them. Like bobef said, "This is going to end badly." Unless God intervenes, and the Catholic Church has a revival that restores it's vitality in America, I'm afraid that's what will happen.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Oh, the whites are already done. They drank the koolaid, swallowed the pill and used the condom. There were more minority births than caucasian births in 2011, and the average age of whites is 40 - they're menopausal. They lost. Goodbye.

Asians are less than 10% of the population. Blacks already abort themselves sufficiently so that they are not growing. They'll age out just like the whites.

That just leaves the Hispanics. 2nd generation aren't a problem, they don't have kids. Only new immigrants have a lot of kids.

The population will definitely peak by 2050. Most commentators are publicly saying they expect world population to remain stable from that point forward, but it won't. It will start to drop. Peak Human happens by 2050.

Flambeaux said...

So we're doomed. There's nothing we can do about it.

I've never known you to counsel outright despair, Steve. What am I missing?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Oh, we're not doomed. The ones who won't be having kids are the pagans.
Remember, the world's population is only 25% Catholic, and a lot of them aren't practicing.

That's why the population will drop - the world isn't Catholic enough. Catholics will continue to have kids, even at great personal sacrifice, because that's what it means to be Catholic: sacrifice.

But I think this is what Pope Benedict ultimately meant when he said the Church was going to get smaller. He was talking about the demographics.