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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nanny State vs. Mother Church

A lot of conservatives, specifically, a lot of economic libertarians are very interested in moving moral questions off the table. The debate over whether or not to preserve marriage, abolish abortion, approve of contraception - these things, they say, are not important fights. What matters is the economy.

Are they right?

Obviously, if I thought they were, I wouldn't be writing this essay. Let us examine why they are wrong.

Begin with a simple question: why does atheism always lead to an out-of-control government?

For a Catholic, the answer is simple: If you don't acknowledge Jesus Christ as God, you don't acknowledge the Church as your mother. People need mothers. So atheists necessarily turn the government into a parody of Mother Church. We call this kind of government the "Nanny State."

The real Mother recognizes subsidiarity, the need for the children to be responsible at some level for their own actions, the need for the children to grow up. The Nanny State, on the other hand, views adulthood as a kind of adultery, a refusal to acknowledge the state's real authority as surrogate mother. So, she ensnares her children, the citizens, with an ever-increasing set of laws to "protect them from themselves." She ensnares them with more and more rules to force them to be true to her, to keep them from growing up.

As psychologist Roy Baumeister points out, a patriarchal society is a risk-taking society.
A matriarchal society is a rule-making, legalistic society.

As more and more women get college degrees and exhibit hypergamy in their relationships, they will fail to marry. But, with their fresh, new degrees, they will take positions of power in the government.

As a result, the government will become increasingly matriarchal. It will suffocate risk-taking as unhealthy and unnecessary. It will destroy the current form of government as it engages in hypergamy. The existing matriarchal government will try to "trade up" to a form of government that is better, stronger, faster, a form of government that - incidentally - doesn't exist.

We've already seen this kind of rule-making play out on college campuses, where the title "professor" has long since stopped referring to the requirement that the instructor profess the Catholic Faith. Atheism has ruled the college campus, and it has turned the college campus into an anti-male Nanny State.

As atheism, or the disregard for Christianity, spreads, the government will follow suit.

A legalistic society destroys the economy because male-oriented risk-taking is medicated by legislation into the same zombie-state we impose on "ADHD" boys.  We will get homosexuals aping marriage because we already have government aping Mother Church.

A moribund economy is the result of the immorality of atheism.

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c said...

So Protestants might as well be atheists.