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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Mitt Romney's sister says he won't touch legal abortion. 

What a shock. 

And stuff. 

After all, Mitt's own grandchildren were created through IVF, which is notorious for callously creating and deep-freezing children who aren't wanted. His whole family clearly doesn't give a tinker's dam. 

So why vote for Mitt?

Well, Mitt at least has to PRETEND to be pro-life. 
Obama doesn't. 

And Mitt picked a very pro-life running mate. 
So if Mitt gets elected, he's got a pro-life vice president who will constantly be whispering into his ear, even if he publicly toes a certain line. Pro-lifers have a seat at the table with Mitt, even if Romney himself doesn't give a rat's rump about the unborn.

Yeah, I don't like it either, but let's not kid ourselves.

Neither Republicans or Democrats really want to touch social issues, because the movers and shakers in both parties are really attached to making sure their "bit on the side" can get that abortion whenever it is necessary. 

1 comment:

James said...

And so, with that Rhetoric, are you implying that there are no other options? I would think it is a wasted vote to vote for Romney, because he will toe the line and will pretend he is being conservative. At least with Obama, as you put it, we know he is tyrannical and he makes no bones about it. Is it not safer to have your enemy as your enemy rather than your friend who is hiding the fact that he is your enemy? I plan to not vote for either candidate from the Republican or Democrat party, because I see it as a continuation of disaster from the last 30 years of compromise to the big party people. We keep compromising, but to what end? In England, the conservative party is laughable, because they have espoused a liberal platform and seem to have placed in the minds of their people that there is always a reason to compromise. And now, how many English people take to the streets to protest the highjack of power and the decline of morality in the public realm? A dismal number. This is where we are headed if we keep compromising.

And please, do not think this is easy for me to type. I like to keep my opinions to myself, but I'm tired of being told to vote one way that doesn't agree with my conscience. Both parties have mucked it up pretty badly. One wants to be the savior of mankind, by forcing itself into the fabric of the family and tearing it asunder, while the other purports itself to be the the anecdote, but not taking blame for anything.