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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Starting

The Nuremberg Laws

The following month two measures were announced at the annual Party Rally in Nuremberg, becoming known as the Nuremberg Laws. Both measures were hastily improvised (there was even a shortage of drafting paper so that menu cards had to be used) and Jewish experts from the Ministry of the Interior were ordered to Nuremberg by plane.
The first law, The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, prohibited marriages and extra-marital intercourse between “Jews ” (the name was now officially used in place of “non-Aryans ”) and “Germans ” and also the employment of “German ” females under forty-five in Jewish households. The second law, The Reich Citizenship Law, stripped Jews of their German citizenship and introduced a new distinction between “Reich citizens ” and “nationals.”
The Nuremberg Laws by their general nature formalized the unofficial and particular measures taken against Jews up to 1935. The Nazi leaders made a point of stressing the consistency of this legislation with the Party program which demanded that Jews should be deprived of their rights as citizens.

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"Now, on the heels of the NDAA, a new bill is making its way through Congress: the Enemy Expatriation Act that would make the controversy about the NDAA null and void by simply stripping Americans of their American citizenship, should they be accused of associating with government-deemed terrorist organizations. "

Note: just "accused".
Not convicted.

It doesn't take long to create a dictatorship.
Not long at all. 


Flambeaux said...


While this bill may be recent, some government agencies have had this power since the 1950s and the anti-Communist days.

Regardless, it might still be time to exit Stage Rigth.

Flambeaux said...

I'll also add that this is the inevitable end of all Republics.

Jim said...

Slow boat to South America is leaving this summer. (Several countries that are safer, free, cheap and love expats)

Better get your passports before the make it illegal to leave!

BTW good to see ya flambeaux!

Jim Dorchak

Flambeaux said...

Good to see you, too, Jim.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Let's all sing a rousing chorus of "Springtime For Hitler!

Brian said...

Steve, did you see that CW has a new book out? I just saw it on Amazon: "At the Heart of the Gospel."

Obviously, we would be indebted if you could thoroughly review it.

Jim said...


You know that is so sick, but what is more sick is that I agree with you and know what you are talking about.

Absolute hilarity. I love it!@

Jim Dorchak

Flambeaux said...

"I see German soldiers marching through France / played by chorus boys in *very* tight pants!"

I'm right there with y'all. :D