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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Captain Hook Goes Fishing

Was Andrew Breitbart set up to look like a racist?

The evidence is building that this is EXACTLY what happened.

Consider the timeline laid out by Noel Sheppard (Newsbusters) and others:

1) Breitbart receives word of the video several months ago, but sits on it because he can't verify the source.

2) Nancy Pelosi deliberately walks black Congressmen through a crowd of Tea Partiers trying to get them to say "Nigger."

3) As dozens of videos show, no one says the word, but several people, including Congressmen, accuse the Tea Partiers of having used that word anyway. When the video evidence comes forward, along with eye witnesses swearing that the word was never used, the Congressman back off their accusations, but the MSM continues to lay the claim as if it had been substantiated.

4) Breitbart, looking for some way to show the hypocrisy, remembers the video and contacts the source for the video. After receiving and viewing it, he decides there is enough there to do a compare-contrast. He throws up the video with no commentary. He does NOT call for anyone's resignation - in typical Breitbart fashion, he lets the video speak for itself.

5) The NAACP, which has the full video in its possession, is the first to condemn Sherrod.

6) The White House sends a henchman down to make sure she resigns.

7) Sherrod resigns BEFORE ANYONE calls for her resignation (didn't SHE know what was on the video either?).

8) Fox and its commentators begin calling for a resignation, not knowing it has already happened.

9) Only after Fox and commentators are on public record calling for the resignation, does the NAACP suddenly release the full video and instantly start piling on Fox and Breitbart for having destroyed a "good woman."

10) Notice - it was literally only a few hours after everyone the liberals wanted dead had made a commitment that the NAACP released the video. They waited until the bait was taken, then they SET THE HOOK.

11) Sherrod, this post-racial "good woman" now claims that Breitbart's intent is to bring back slavery: in short, the classic liberal craptrap now has a hook.

So, a few questions.

Now, how is it that the White House that took weeks to get a "beer summit" together and months to actually NEVER get the nation's 20,000 oil skimmers to the Gulf, how is it that this same absolutely inept White House was able to act within HOURS to get Sherrod's resignation on its desk?

These people barely know what day it is, they let the Black Panthers walk for violation of voters rights DESPITE video evidence AND a conviction, but Sherrod they want hung?

Square that circle for me, someone.

Why hang Sherrod so swiftly when so many other blacks have been given a free pass?
When Justice has been explicitly told never to prosecute a black person?
When ACORN was given months of rope to try to unhang themselves after a whole SERIES of previous Breitbart videos?

THIS is the White House that nailed Sherrod to the wall within an hour or so of a single five minute video hitting Breitbart's site?

It boggles the imagination.

The only time the White House has moved THIS fast was when it sent Russian spies back home to keep them from testifying to how many Democratic fundraisers and Congressmen they had suborned. Obama only moves fast on an issue when it suits him - not otherwise.

And why is it that the NAACP couldn't find the video until AFTER Sherrod resigned?
Why did they condemn a black person so quickly, so adamantly?
This is the same NAACP that has NEVER condemned Louis Farrakhan, but they want Sherrod on a rail with tar and feathers?


Why has no one in the MSM noticed the unusual competencies and failures here?
OK, that's the easiest question to answer - they're all incompetent themselves.

But, now that Journolist conspiracy has been exposed, along with nearly every prominent reporter in the media, someone needed to nail the conservative media equally hard, to take the Journolist media conspiracy out of the headlines.

And they have.

Sherrod is at least an unwitting victim, and at worst she's in on the scheme.
But in any case, this was definitely a scheme and it has definitely worked.
Journolist and the oil leak are off the table.

Reagan was the Teflon President.
Obama is Captain Hook.


Torey said...

"He does NOT call for anyone's resignation - in typical Breitbart fashion, he lets the video speak for itself."All I can say is: Right On!

Matheus F. Ticiani said...


On a side note, as long as it's not much of a bother, you could consider putting up a "Recent Comments" window so that we don't have to scroll down to follow the comments on the various posts.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Your wish is my command.

Matheus F. Ticiani said...

Thanks a lot. On some blogs older comments go unnoticed even by the owner, so that's good us poor readers.

Just take a look at the comment's links, there seems to be some repetitive code in them - they open the respective post but not the comment.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

I don't vouch for the code - the thing is a widget provided by blogger, so who knows how good the code is?