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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama the Apostate

We already have the spectacle of numerous Muslims claiming that Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, the first Muslim president. It's easy to argue that he isn't, but it's odd that Muslims don't seem willing to recognize this.

The more interesting problem is how he is dealing with charities.

In 361 AD, Julian the Apostate became emperor of Rome. He was called the Apostate because, while raised as a Christian, his hatred for all things Christian was apparent upon his ascension to the purple. He immediately removed all tax breaks and government subsidies which the Church had been given by Constantine, demanded full repayment of all moneys that had been donated, and instituted a system of government sponsored-charity that was intended to pull people away from the Catholic Church.

Julian understood that one major appeal Christians had towards pagans was precisely their charity. They would take care of anyone, anytime. If he wanted to break the back of the Catholic Church, he knew he would have to compete against that same Church's charity, and prove his own pagan government was superior to Christian love. His plan failed primarily because he was killed on the battlefield just two years after he gained the throne. There was not enough time to make any of his changes stick.

It is already established that Julian's plan does, indeed, work.
The larger the welfare state, the lower the religious sentiments of the public.

The best way to destroy American Christianity is to turn America into a welfare state.
It is interesting to see that Obama's tax plans are designed precisely to harm existing private welfare efforts, while expanding welfare government.

Julian the Apostate, please call your office.
The President is on the line.

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