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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm a Prophet

Back in the days immediately before of the first Gulf War, a pundit prophecied that the US was going to invade Iraq. His argument? The number of aircraft carriers in the vicinity.

One carrier is showing the flag.
Two carriers is a strong warning.
Three carriers is an invasion.

We had five carriers in the area.
The conclusion was straightforward.
Within three months, his prediction had been vindicated.

Back when Barack Obama was still battling Hillary Clinton for the nomination, I predicted Barack would win, and I pointed out that he was a much more dangerous person than Hillary. I lived in Illinois when he was a state legislator and I saw how he ran his US Senate race. At that time, anyone who observed his style for more than twenty minutes could see that he was a vicious, lying snake, a glib, poisonous serpent, an evil man who used other people like blocks of wood, blocks he willingly stepped on in order to advance his career. In short, he was one of the finest Chicago politicians Mayor Daley's machine ever produced.

Since then, I have been sounding the alarm about what his socialism means for the weakest among us. As recently as January 21, I pointed out that, if he was really serious, then killing old people was an economic necessity. Indeed, I have been predicting nationalized euthanasia was coming since at least 1991.

Now we find out that the stimulus package will nationalize health care, changing the standard of care from "safe and effective" to "cost-effective."

I'd say there were three carriers in the Gulf right now.

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Enbrethiliel said...


Well, you know what was said about prophets being accepted in their own countries. =(

It's not easy being Cassandra.