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Monday, December 01, 2008

Nothing To Fear

Well, our expert constitutional law professor has already guaranteed that he will violate the Constitution within hours of his swearing in (assuming he gets that far, what with all the lawsuits questioning his immigration status).

Hillary Clinton is supposed to be his Secretary of State.
If she is sworn in to serve in that capacity, it will violate the Constitution.

But not to worry.
Barry will have 20,000 troops on the ground by 2011 to help him keep the peace in the US of A.

Yep, things are going swimmingly, no question of it.


Remember when Barack complained about oil executives flying private jets to Senate hearings?
He said they kind of had a tin ear.
Of course, he's a man of the people, and he would never make an ostentatious show of his wealth, especially given that quite a bit of it was stolen.

But robber barons never looked so good!

Update II
The dead actually get to vote for President this year!
Isn't democracy wonderful!


Jordanes said...

The "20,000 troops" link is broken -- it just takes you to the Cato Institute post on Hillary Clinton's appointment possibly being unconstitutional.

Anyway, as the Cato post explains, Congress will probably just do another "Saxbe Fix" to get around the Emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.

It's too bad there will be another Clinton in the Executive Branch, but on the plus side at least she'll be taking her carpetbag with her when she does the country the favor of leaving the Senate.

c matt said...

Hey, maybe Obama is just a closet traditionalist - isn't tradition described as "democracy of the dead?" Democrats just take it a little more literally.