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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Barack Obama Got Elected

People who followed the election won't be surprised by this.

The anonymous commenters on this blog undoubtedly will be.


Jordanes said...

Yeah, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed how a lot, perhaps most, Obama supporters didn't have a lot going on upstairs when it comes to even basic knowledge and understanding of important political issues. That this country allows fools and ignorami to vote will inevitably bring about its destruction.

Obama's victory does show how the mainstream media, that is, the public relations department of the Democratic Party, still wield immense influence -- especially when media-savvy and tech-savvy political technicians are running a campaign. Four years ago the Democratic ticket was running a campaign with much of the ineptitude and unfamiliarity of the "new media" that McCain campaign was running this year. Face it: the Democrats learned their lesson, and the Republicans forgot what they used to know.

Patrick said...

That's OK. With Obama now tying in every Clinton administration member he can find, everyone will get a chance to relive history as their source of "change".

Ann said...

I knew America was going down the wrong road when the Rosanne Barr show was the number one TV show! Since then, people have become even MORE uninformed than ever before. People do not know how to think for themselves - if it's not force fed to them through the mainstream media, they don't have a clue. People who have the brains to find out what is going on, whether it is in politics or in the Church, get very frustrated by the indifference in the majority of people. I need a new brick wall - my old one is pretty beaten up by my banging my head against it.