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Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Joel Osteen Can Be President

This from a friend of mine who is brilliant:

I tell you this because it's fun to watch your head explode.

So, I never got to see any of the debates during primary season--I was busy. I've only now begun to catch Obama's rhetoric as his commercials begin to air. And I have realized something: Catholics will vote for Obama, and they will do so en masse, so to speak. Why? Because his "We are the people we've been waiting for" spiel is the exact same thing Catholics have been hearing from their hymnals every Sunday at least during my lifetime (and possibly yours). "I myself am the Bread of Life." "Christ has no hands but yours." "Let us build the city of God." Etc.

Worse yet, we've got so many Protestant hymns in the book now that subtly preach the "You've accepted Jesus as your lord and savior--Bob, tell him what he's won!" Gospel of Fabulosity. "I know that my redeemer lives, and he's up in Heaven getting me the goods." "I know that my Obama is in the White House, getting me change I can believe in." They won't vote for him because he's pro-choice. They won't vote for him because he's inexperienced and lacks substance (although some will vote for him because they think he has substance and they can't stomach McCain). No, they will vote for him because his campaign prayers are the same as their hymns, and what we're all lex orandi-ing, we're all lex credendi-ing, right? They will vote for him because, as far as they can tell, he shares their basic beliefs.

We are in deep trouble. And I have just realized why the Liturgy Wars matter.


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Patrick said...

Per Huffington Post:
"McCain opposes abortion rights, but he riled some conservatives last week when he suggested his running mate could -- like Ridge --support abortion rights.

"What he was saying to the rest of the world is that we need to accept both points of view," Ridge said in a broadcast interview. "He's not judgmental about me or my belief. He just disagrees with me."

What in the world is a Catholic to do when your only pro-life candidate believes it's just another viewpoint? The Repubs have confused their base by picking a less than serious pro-life candidate. According to the recent polls (if its worth following any of the polls) believes that up to 40% of Catholics may sit out this election. That would mean an instant Obama win no matter what he believes.