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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Here's another Winner!

Oh, here's another winner.

Recently, Loretto "Catholic" school in Sacramento was forced to fire a drama teacher who had been volunteering as a Deathscort at Planned Parenthood. The parent of a student provided the bishop with pictures of the woman engaged in the activity and the bishop responded by directing the Catholic school, run by a religious order, to fire the teacher.

Within the last few days, the name of the woman who forced the bishop's hand became known and, since no good deed goes unpunished in Catholic education, the woman's daughter was, as of Halloween, summarily expelled - without warning, hearing or chance of appeal.

You know, the problem with writing a book on the breakdown of Catholic education is that it can never be definitive. There's always another "Catholic" school that does something like this after you go to press...

1 comment:

Patrick said...

That actually reminds me of the newspaper article about a year ago that described how a handful of parents were upset that a teacher in a catholic grade school who was recently divorced and obviously bitter about it had told the students during a lecture that they should become homosexuals because no one can ever trust the opposite sex. When the school board confronted her, she threatened to sue due to infringement of free speech rights. The school backed down blaming the costs of lawsuits being greater than the impact of the original issue. One of the quotes from the catholic school board was "Well, its not as if most of the children weren't already considering becoming homosexuals anyway."