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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Do YOU Believe in Miracles?

I have on this blog excoriated the bishops in general and the USCCB in particular for their lack of backbone when it comes to various doctrinal issues.

Today, I am happy to report that the USCCB has actually taught Catholic doctrine, and done so in opposition to the position of a major Catholic university and hospital.

As Jill Stanek has reported, at least two Catholic hospitals have a policy of inducing early labor when a child is found to be anencephalic. They erroneously claimed this was not an abortion, just early labor, done in order to prevent mental suffering to the mother.

This position is, of course, stupid and the purest barnyard excrement, but it is endorsed by several well-known pagan ethicists who also happen to be ordained Catholic priests. These priests claimed they were acting in full accord with USCCB directives.

They lie, of course.

The USCCB statement on anencephaly can be found at EWTN.
Jill Stanek's commentary on Loyola's attempt to spin the issue can be found here.

Man, just when you think the bishops are past all hope, grace shines forth and they demonstrate they are not yet all theologically insane. God bless the USCCB for this accuracy. Some may say that, like the faithful steward of last week's Gospel, they should not expect praise for doing that which they are supposed to do anyway, yet it's nice to get an "attaboy!" even so.

Attaboy, USCCB. See? Teaching doctrine ain't that hard, is it? Do some more - you may grow to like it.

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