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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Changes to the blog

Over the next few weeks, I will be migrating all my blog articles (70+ at last count) to a new article manager on the Bridegroom Press website.  In order to find articles, just look at the information box on the right, immediately above the BESTSELLERS box.

This migration provides several benefits and potential benefits:
  • Articles can now be categorized by topic,
  • Articles now have one to two sentence summaries to help you find your information more quickly,
  • Editing abilities are much improved (this helps me more than it does you),
  • I now have a means to accept articles from other people who might want to contribute (prior to this, there was no good way to attribute specific columns to one person versus another person),
  • I may eventually be able to create an internal search engine to help you find specific articles more quickly (that's in the works as soon as I figure out how to modify the php code in the OSCommerce search box - anyone out there want to help on that one?).

All in all, this should provide a better experience for both of us.

I will be cross-posting to both sites for the near future, but hope to move entirely to the new site by the end of August at the latest.

As an aside, rummaging through some of these nine-month old posts was quite enlightening. It's remarkable how well they have held up during the course of the year.  Specifically, posts like The Infallibly Dirty Dozen, Mutual Admiration Society, What's Natural About Marriage?, Are YOU My Mother, and Democracy at Work though written for situations specific to last year's debates, still make relevant points now. If you have time to re-read some of these, I'd like to hear your opinions on them. Especially as I haven't tried out the new comment system at the site yet, so you can be my guinea pigs. :)

Click here to find out.

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